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Time & Attendance: One Pick Up, Many Children

Child Care Management Software can help you manage Time and Attendance for children at your childcare center, daycare, preschool or after school program. There are various check in situations your software should accommodate. This article is the first in a series covering one such situation. We’ll show you how to use Procare Software® to allow a single authorized pick up person to check in multiple children from more than one family. This is convenient for car pool situations where friends or neighbors are allowed to pick up each others’ children.

Assign Pick Ups to Child

You’ll start by assigning authorized pick up people to each child. This may include parents, other relatives, friends, neighbors and so on. You’ll enter the person just once then you may assign them to as many children as needed – even children in different families.

  1. Look up the child and click the Information & Relationships icon on the child toolbar.
  2. Click the Add button to add people to the child. Add a New Person if this is the very first time this pick up person has been entered in Procare. After they have been added once you may then choose Add Existing Person to assign them to other children. Of course you can quickly add the parents by selecting Import Payers – since, in most cases, one or both parents are responsible for paying the Child Care Tuition Fees.
  3. Once the person has been added you’ll select a Relationship like Mom, Dad, Neighbor, Friend, etc. and be sure to check the box indicating they are an authorized Pickup for this child.

Who are they Authorized to Pick Up?

Since a person may be authorized to pick up a number of children, sometimes from different families, you may want to see a list of the children they are allowed to pick up.

  1. At the Information & Relationships screen dbl-click the name of the person.
  2. With the Person Information showing click the Pickup button and a list of all children this person may pick up is displayed.

Register for Check In

Each authorized person would then register to check children in.

  1. At the Person Information screen click the New Register button to generate a temporary registration number the person will use to register themselves at the check in computer or Time Clock Touch. See: Check In Solutions.
  2. At the check in computer or Time Clock they will choose the Register button, then register in one of the following ways (depending on how your system is set up). See article Check In Codes & Passwords for details.

a. Using a fingerprint and password they select. See Check In Video.

b. Using a card swipe (grocery club card, AAA membership card, etc.) and a password.

c. Using a personal ID number and password they select.

When they go to check in all children to whom they are assigned will be displayed.

Bus Runs Using Batch Check In

Next time we’ll talk about checking a batch of children in / out for things like a bus drop off or pick up.

Until then, cheers!


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