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CB101562One of our most popular articles over the past year has been how to Access Procare from Home. As a follow up to that post we’re currently looking into ways that a next generation of Child Care Management Software could further enable access to a shared database from remote locations.

Two things on the front burner are offering a service to host your data and structuring Procare Software® so it may run on your own Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

Let Procare Host Your Data

The possibility of letting Procare host information for you is appealing for a number of reasons.

  1. Convenience. Access real time data from any Procare computer at any location – home, office, laptop or satellite centers.
  2. Security. Log on to Procare with a connection to our secure servers. Access to your vital family, child, and employee information would only occur through the Procare client software. No browser access means no phishing schemes or unwanted guests.
  3. Efficiency. Simply install the Procare client software and we take care of the rest – including nightly back ups and automatic software updates.
  4. Online Services. Tie in optional features like online registration, hosting of your web site, and a parent portal for making online information available to families.

Use Your own VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to connect to your server from any location where you have the Procare client installed. If you have multiple child care centers you could access information in real time from any site.

Remote In

Of course you could also use Remote Desktop or a third party service like GoToMyPC (as described in a Previous Article). When you remote in you “take control” of the remote computer so nobody else can be working on that particular machine while you are connected.

What about Web Based Programs?

Web based programs run in a browser without any software installed on your desktop. This works well for certain kinds of tasks like email, blogging and shopping carts. However for true business applications with heavy data entry, multi-tasking and reporting a desktop program, like Procare, is more appropriate. A desktop application can also connect to hardware devices like a time clock, fingerprint reader, credit card swipe system, receipt printer or signature pad.

From a security viewpoint web based applications are wide open to anyone with your password and subject to identity theft via keystroke logging programs and “phishing” schemes. Desktop applications are immune to these types of threats since data can only be accessed from the program on your desktop (not through a browser).

Stay Tuned for Details

We’re still working out the details for remotely connecting to Procare so stay tuned for further announcements. Until next time, cheers!


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