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Save Procare Data to Your USB Drive

Not long ago a common ProCare Technical Support question appeared in our in box.

“When I make a Procare backup, the backup is going to my Fixed Disk Drive instead of my USB drive. How do I add another choice for my backup?”

This is a good question, but it really has two parts. First, what is the Fixed Drive anyway? And second, how do I back up to another device like a USB flash drive or thumb drive?  

Fixed Disk Drive

When backing up Procare Software® the standard choice is to backup to the Fixed Disk Drive. This is a folder on your computer (the procare.winbackup folder on your main computer). This is fine for a quick backup, if you don’t have a USB flash drive handy, but is not a good place for long term backups as it only stores backups temporarily. When your next backup is made the oldest one on the fixed drive is replaced. That’s why you want to backup to an external device. 

Backup to your USB Drive

It’s easy to backup to another device by using the Flash Drive Wizard. Just run the wizard once to configure ProCare to recognize the new drive and you’re ready to start backing up each day.

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Just a short one today. Until next time, cheers! 


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