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Birthday List for your Child Care, Daycare or Preschool

CB009645Ever wondered how to easily print a birthday list for all the children in your child care business? Well, recently ProCare Tech Support received the following question. 

“How can I print out a list of the children that have a birthday in a certain month? Like all birthdays in December?” 

For those of you using Child Care Management Software from ProCare, to help run your daycare center or similar child centered business, the answer is easy. ProCare comes with a Birthday report built right in.                    

Printing a Birthday List

We’ll assume you have already entered the child names and birth dates in the ProCare Family Data module and are ready to print your birthday report. 

  1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting click the General reports button (lower right).
  2. Then choose report letter K – Special Reports.
  3. At the Report Criteria screen choose the report named “Child’s Birthday/Age” from the drop down list at the top.
  4. Click the Month of Birth button and select the month for which you want the birthdays.
  5. (Optional) You may sort the list by Classroom, or get a alphabetical list of all children in all classrooms by choosing None as the Primary Sort.
  6. Click Start to bring up the Print Preview Screen. 

Here’s wishing each of you a very Happy Birthday (on your own special day) and until next time, cheers! 


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