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Do your own Daycare Payroll and Save

Daycare Payroll ChecksMy recent post on Efficient Scheduling of Daycare Staff got me thinking about other ways to economize on payroll expenditures. If you are currently outsourcing your payroll check calculations you should seriously consider doing your own Daycare Payroll. It’s much easier than you might think and will save you money every pay period by not having to cut a check to your payroll service. If you are currently spending $50 to $100 per month or more on a payroll service you’ll easily recoup your software investment in just a short time. 

Employee Time Cards

The Employee Data module stores Time Card information you’ll import directly to your payroll checks. Employee in and out times may be manually recorded or let daycare staff check themselves in using Time & Attendance Tracking Software or a ProCare Time Clock. 

Calculate Paychecks 1-2-3

Calculating payroll checks for child care, daycare and preschool is remarkably simple with the 1-2-3 process of ProCare Payroll.

  1. A single click imports hours from the Employee Time Card and determines their gross pay.
  2. The second click calculates withholding amounts for taxes, health insurance, retirement plans, you name it.
  3. Your third click gives you a summary and net amount of the check and you are ready to print the check! 

There’s even a Quick Calculate feature to do all the calculations in just one click. Then you can easily print payroll checks in a batch for all employees at once. See for yourself – Take a Tour of ProCare Payroll

So think it over. What would you do with those extra funds you’ve been paying out to your payroll service? 

Here’s wishing you success with your child care business and until next time, cheers! 


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