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danToday we’re starting a new blog series that will highlight different members of the ProCare Software team. We would like to give you, our readers and ProCare users, a small glimpse into who it is that makes ProCare tick.

We start our series with a Santa story written by our Tuition Express Marketing Director, Dan Richards.

I already miss the holidays.

My Visa card balance has re-entered the earth’s atmosphere, my waistline is beginning to retreat from the month-and-a-half long assault it took from various confections, concoctions and candies that make their way into the offices here at ProCare, and I’m done returning gifts that didn’t work for me – but that’s not why I miss Christmas.

I miss Christmas already because of a unique gift I’m able to give friends each year.  I ‘arrange’ for Santa Claus to appear in the homes of my friends who have kids who still believe in St. Nick.

I don’t have kids.  I have two cats – Birdie and Bogey.  Unless he’s delivering tuna fish, they could care less if Santa makes a house call.  ‘Arranging’ for Santa to appear at a friend or coworker’s home gets me – keeps me – in the Christmas spirit.

This year I brokered five stops for Santa.  Things went well.  Kids got awakened from their sleep by their parents and escorted down the hallway.  There, seen only by the light of the Christmas tree, was Santa and his helper (who mysteriously looked a lot like my girlfriend, Ruby) checking their list a second time, trying a cookie and looking ever-so like a walking, talking Hallmark greeting card.  Your ears popped from the vacuum in the room as the kids’ little lungs gasped at the sight.

After a moment or two, Santa always seems to sense that a child is watching him.  A comment to his helper about “all good little boys and girls should be in bed by now …” usually initiates the sprint back down the hallway.

I like keeping the Santa-mystique alive for another year or two for kids – but I really arrange for these sightings for my friends.  It’s a gift to them.  The look on their faces – the moms’ and dads’ faces, not the kids – is what I get a kick out of.  It makes me feel good to see how excited my friends are for their kids.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal to catch Santa in your living room.  And I’m glad to be a part of that.

Three years ago Santa showed up at the home of Ryan Gwaltney, one of our software consultants here at ProCare.  Ryan’s two kids and a handful of cousins witnessed the sighting.  It was magical – for the kids and the parents.  And for Santa, trust me.

Ryan has tried countless times to thank me for showing up at his home that Christmas Eve three years ago.  And I continue to remind him that it wasn’t me – it was Santa.

I was home with Birdie and Bogey, sharing tuna salad and listening to Elvis’ All-Time Christmas Hits.

Hopefully, someone arranges for Santa to make it to your home some Christmas Eve.

Dan Richards

Marketing Director

Tuition Express – ProCare Software

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