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Tax ID on Child Care Tax Statements

Family Data Wizard Screen

One of the most Frequently Asked Questions we hear this time of year at ProCare Software®  is “How do I add my Tax ID number to Reports?”. This is usually in regard to Customer Statements and End of Year Tax Statements given to parents. You may also want to add your phone number or change the way the address of your child care, daycare or preschool is displayed. 

While it’s simple enough to add information to the Report Message that prints at the bottom of each tax statement, sometimes you’d prefer to Edit the Report Header that appears more prominently at the top. 

Luckily there’s a free ProCare Wizard download that makes editing statement headers very easy to do.                    

Add Tax ID to Customer Statements

For those of you already using Child Care Accounting Software from ProCare just follow these steps to download and run the wizard.

  1. Make sure you are online. Then click Sign Out at the main ProCare screen.
  2. From the Help menu choose Download a ProCare Support File and enter the password WZ01 (that’s a zero, not the letter “O”).
  3. Click Edit Statement Headers and enter whatever you’d like to have it say for the Address, City, State, Zip, Phone and Federal Tax ID number.
  4. Click Apply then Exit

Your new header will appear on the following ProCare Accounting Reports:

  • Customer Statement
  • Customer Payment Summary
  • Customer Charge / Credit Summary

 Good luck on your New Years’ Resolutions and until next time, cheers! 


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