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January Giveaway With a Twist!

$500 Giveaway$500 towards your school’s fund raising efforts!

ProCare Software wanted to start the New Year right, so we’re beginning with a HUGE giveaway!

Consider the following scenario,

Jimmy is enrolled in your child care center for Tuesday and Thursday, full days. But once a month, his mom brings him on Mondays as well. It was so infrequent, and you’ve been so busy, that you barely noticed when Jimmy started showing up more. It took you a couple months to notice, and now that you have, you realize you should probably mention it to Jimmy’s mom. 

While that may be an awkward conversation to have, think about what you’ve really lost. If Jimmy’s mom brought him only 5 extra days before you noticed, you’ve lost five billable days. What could you have charged for those days? What does that oversight do to your bottom line? Now imagine if every child attended just one extra day each month. That’s money falling through the cracks, it adds up quickly, but it doesn’t have to happen.

For this month’s giveaway, we want to hear your story. We want to know how Daycare Software from ProCare has helped your center become more efficient in these tight times. To endure the current economy; businesses are going to have to invest wisely and track every dollar. So tell us, and your peers, how you’re succeeding, and how ProCare has helped you. Also, let us know what project you’re working on at your school. Are you raising money for a new playground? Need new computers?

The chosen commenter in this giveaway will receive $500 towards their schools fund raising efforts.

Comments will close January 16th. Winner will be announced January 20th.

Good Luck!


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46 Responses to January Giveaway With a Twist!

  • We hate this kind of situation because it has happened so often in the past. We have two ways to make sure we are not letting this happen. First is we have now made our cook check that everyone is filling out our food program forms once a week. If there are changes she should spot it and let us know. Also as the director I do a morning round to make sure all children are signed in. I should be noticing this, and the sign in sheets are turned in each friday at close. And because of this I had a great thought. For those children who are only here part time I could have the days they are not to be here shaded on the sign in sheet. This would alert me instantly if they are here. When I first started as director our sign in sheets were a mess. I know have typed up sheets that have parents sign in and out for each day with the dates pre-printed. It seems so simple a change, our staff had one of those aha moments! It has made all the difference in the world.

  • On my roll sheets that we print off with pro-care I put a “P.T.” after the childs name. ex: Jane Doe P.T. This means
    part time, If a child is sceduled to come 3 days, and he shows up a 4th day, my staff knows to notify me. Sometimes we high-light the child’s name for an extra eye catcher.

  • On my roll sheets that we print off with pro-care I put a “P.T.” after the childs name. ex: Jane Doe P.T. This means
    part time, If a child is sceduled to come 3 days, and he shows up a 4th day, my staff knows to notify me. Sometimes we high-light the child’s name for an extra eye catcher.

  • On my roll sheets that we print off with pro-care I put a “P.T.” after the childs name. ex: Jane Doe P.T. This means
    part time, If a child is sceduled to come 3 days, and he shows up a 4th day, my staff knows to notify me. Sometimes we high-light the child’s name for an extra eye catcher.

  • On my roll sheets that we print off with pro-care I put a “P.T.” after the childs name. ex: Jane Doe P.T. This means
    part time, If a child is sceduled to come 3 days, and he shows up a 4th day, my staff knows to notify me. Sometimes we high-light the child’s name for an extra eye catcher.

  • We have not had this problem in the past due to our unique scheduling system added by ProCare. We have completely flexible scheduling allowing for a minimum of two hours on at least two days a week to a maximum of 10 hours per day five days a week. Using the sign-in/sign-out sheetw with a schedule and and the ProCare sign in system the children are tracked by both the administrative staff and the teachers. When children are dropped off when not expected it usually does not take more than 10 minutes if it is not caught before the parent leaves. By using ProCare to track all the comings and goings in an easy to read format it allows us to prevent these problems.

  • We only have 5 day programs and therefore this particular situation wouldn’t arise. However, for our school age classes we offer ‘Extra Care’ days when school is out. For these days we print a roster of children who have signed up in advance, if any one else arrives, the teacher must confirm they can stay with the office to verify we will remain in ratio.

  • In these tight economic times, the Tuition Express module of ProCare helps us tremendously. We can now collect payments more effeciently. 15 minutes compared to an all day process. Sometimes it only takes 5 or so minutes. Office staff is freed up to do other work and we have been able to work less hours and do more things.

    The versatility of the reports available helps us to see if we have billed all of our clients and to periodically check our billing boxes on each family. The report designer is a wonderful tool to help you track things such as physical dates, immunization exp. dates and items such as that. The time savings is significant.

    We have several goals for this year. One is new playground equipment, security cameras for the playground and a sidewalk path on the toddler playground

  • I had previous experience when I was a Director at a child care center in 1996. When I bought my own child care center in 2004, I knew it was a MUST HAVE! Just being able to keep up accounts on 65 families on paper or with any other non-child care based program would have been very time consuming. ProCare allows me to track every family that comes through my center from finances to attendance. The attendance part is especially helpful because we have 24 families on a State Voucher System that is very strict about the amount of time spent at child care. There is NO WAY this program could run so smoothly without ProCARE!

  • Procare has totally changed my life with regard to the organization of our records. I love it!! Linda Hankins, Faith Christian School, Sulphur OK

  • We just opened in June and I cannot imagine running a preschool without ProCare!!! From the attendance sheets to parents logging in to keeping track of payments, ProCare does it all. To catch situations like the one above, we write part-time next to the child’s name on the attendance sheets. We love ProCare Software!

  • Oops! I forgot to list what project we are working on right now. We are currently trying to raise money for some new toys & picnic tables on our playgrounds! Thanks so much!

  • We run ours off of a server and it went down just the other week and I can’t say how much that program frees us up to take care of the children. It can be just such a pain to take care of everything without this program. Thank you Pro Care!

  • One of the things we have loved about the ProCare Software System is being able to print reports for just about anything, specifically family directories. With the parent’s permission, I have been able to distribute a directory to families. This is easy for families to have at their fingertips when planning playdates, birthday parties, or just being able to put names to faces. It cuts down on them contacting me to give out lists, names, etc.. These reports can be printed out for just about any information in your database. I have never had such convenience at my fingertips! Thanks, ProCare!!

  • I have a smaller center that operates with a maximum capacity of 35 students. Due to this, I like to be extra flexible and more personal with my families. The downside to this is that I am often amending our weekly schedule to accommodate last-minute added or subtracted student days. My staff and I all know to make a highlighted mark next to the child’s name on our master scheduling sheet, as well as to mark (AD) for “added day” next to their name on the parent sign in and out sheets. This is all that’s needed to allow flexibility for children that come more than they are scheduled to. Thanks to ProCare, amending student schedules to reflect the increase in tuition on their ledger cards is a piece of cake! ProCare saves me so much time! Our center is currently trying to raise funds for new play ground equipment and a listening center for our preschool classroom.

  • We love pro care. We were with a different web account and had problems with the system going down. At 6 AM the opening staff was frozen until I came in to print off a sign in sheet. With Pro Care we have not gone down at all. I depend on Pro Care for every report. It has made my life so much easier. Thank YOU!

  • Oh my goodness…We use procare for EVERYTHING…we use it for attendance, schedules, payment,van runs,immunizations, teachers information, I’m sure I’m missing more. Like the previous person said when our server is down and we can’t use Procare we dont function correctly. Procare Rocks!!

  • When I opened my center in 2004, I compared several software programs. I found Procare to be the most inclusive and the most user friendly. I have been using Procare for almost 5 years and I couldn’t imagine running a childcare center without it! The best part about Procare is the very useful Help Topics and the wonderful Technical Staff. I have had very few problems but when needed the Technical Support has always been friendly and helpful. I have never had an issue they couldn’t fix! I would recommend Procare to ALL childcare providers.
    Our goal for the year is to update the classrooms with everything from new paint to new toys.

  • Well, from billing to scheduling, ProCare has helped us turn our center around. As we switched management, things like tuition and registration information was slipping through the cracks. As soon as we got started with ProCare we noticed how much time and money it saved us. I think the biggest thing that we accomplised was being able to provide our famililes with a written statement each month or when necessary. It logs everything so perfectly and if any problmes or questions arise we just log on a figure it out with the click of a button! Also, we recently added a hot lunch option to our students. With the roll call sheets readily available it makes it easy for us to mark each childs lunch menus throughout the weeks. Our school is currently working on raising money for our Easter celebration.

  • I am from a Canadian day care that uses Procare to process our parent bills and keep track of our families. I love the simplicity of Procare which makes it very user friendly. We are anxiously awaiting a web enabled version of Procare which would help us out even more as we have 2 off site locations. We are currently working on a big birthday celebration for Day Nursery Centre as we are celebrating 100 years in child care this year!

  • What a difference ProCare makes! We are able to track attendance with the printed rosters- we put a simple line through any days that a child is not scheduled for; this makes it so much easier to schedule staff, watch ratios and keep abreast of any changes. The email feature allows us to contact parents with any questions- many of the parents will pop into the office quick to answer the email and that gives us a few minutes to connect with them and strengthen the bond between home and school. Thank you ProCare for giving us the time to focus on what is truly important; our children!

  • We just started using ProCare this week, and already it has made a huge difference, especially in payroll and billing. We went from using an old timecard machine that malfunctioned every week, to this wonderful touch-screen monitor.

    Our parents are so excited. They love the new system and love that they can see their billing on the screen. The teacher that calculates our payroll feels like she’s on vacation because she no longer has to count through a stack of timecards!

    We don’t even know the full capabilities of this program yet, and we are loving the changes.

    This spring we hope to build up a children’s garden in our old playground area that is vacant at the moment. Last summer the kids tried to grow watermelon and eggplant successfully, and so this year we are going to build up an actual raised garden area.

  • Having ProCare software at the beginning of our childcare services was the best choice made in all of business start up decisions. It saved me from hiring two staff people to attend to the day to day operations of administration and operations. ProCare is ProActive by providing for our needs before we know we need it!

  • We are campus-based and offer flexible schedules for students, to keep their costs down. It would be impossible to track the schedules without ProCare. I run a Daily Report Detail for each day of the week (I call it the “dot sheet”) so that I know how many children we have at every time of every day. We also allow parents to request “extra hours” with a 3 part form we’ve created and the dot sheet lets me see at a glance whether we have room for the child.

    We are beginning to raise funds for surfacing for a new playground.

    Thank you,

  • It’s that time of year…B4 Procare the “end of the year” statements were a nightmare. It took at least 2 office staff several days to complete. Now I do it myself and can probably accomplish the task from start to finish in 1-2 days. What a time, money and stress saver.

  • At the CDC we re-enroll children each semester. Parents often change their child care to match their college class schedule. It has been wonderful to have ProCare to print reports to determine which rooms have space to enroll new children. The ProCare software is quick and easy to use. We are especially pleased that several people can use it in different offices at the same time.

    Thank you ProCare! Keep up the good work!

  • ProCare has been a wonderful help for our program. We have 150 children enrolled and it saves so much time with billing and receipts. It only takes a few minutes each day to take care of payments/receipts and we don’t spend so much time chasing payments. So convenient for the parents too, they really appreciate it. Thank You ProCare. We are doing a remodeling this year and have to build a new playground(as we are loosing our present one) so thank you for providing a gift to a center. This is the year all could use extra funds.

  • The time and energy in trying to collect payment from parents has been a 100% turn around. Procare was definitely the best way for us to go.

  • When I first started my job as the Director 7 years ago I had to do all the billing and payments in a log book by hand. I can’t tell you how time consuming this was. Not only that but it left room for so much human error, and there was no way for a parent to check their account balance without me in the office. 5 years ago we finally made the switch to Procare. Now not only is the accounting easier but the attendance records and employee time cards are all consolidated in to one easy to use program that has cut my time in the office in half. I now have more time to spend with the kids in the classroom, which is why I work in this field in the first place.
    Right now we are not really fundraising due to the economy and we feel the parents don’t need the added stress of having to sell (or purchase themselves) fundraising products. Prior to this decision we tried 4 or 5 different fundraisers trying to find something that would work. Our families simply cannot afford the extra expense. We would love to have a new computer for our Preschool classroom however as the one we have is about 8 to 10 years old and doesn’t always work reliably. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  • I have yet to experience this particular issue due to our methods of signing kids in and out. Along with using procare and the touch screen monitor to check kids in and out, we also have a person in our front office who signs kids in and out as they are dropped off and picked up. This double check system alleviates any child being here when they are not supposed to.
    With being a brand new center in these tough economic times, Procare has been great! I am able to track attendance as well as any money owed to us. The simplicity of printing reports frees up a lot of time, so that I am able to devote more time to the kids and our teachers. I am able to track the tuition charges and track enrollment with a few simple reports. Procare has been great, especially for a new center!

    Currently, money from our fundraising efforts is being put towards more manipulatives, storage, and outside toys.

  • Procare has turned an all day job of preparing statements into a 30 min. job. Has saved me many hours of Employee / Child tracking. I’m too spoiled to do without it.
    If I were to win I would buy some much needed playground equipment and toys.

  • As the director, I go through the attendance each day to make sure the children who are present are signed in on the attendance tracker. When the day ends, I input part time or drop in children’s charge on the ledger, that way, I won’t forget to charge for that day. Three other teachers are trained to do this procedure if I happen to be away from the office.
    For 2009, I hope to raise/save enough money for a new infant and toddler play area in our backyard. Times are tough and I think all of us are feeling the “pinch”. Happy New Year Everyone!! Love up those kids that you get to share your days with.

  • I just love ProCare and how it has made my job so much easier. I just printed out the end of the year tuition statements for each parent in less than 30 minutes. It used to take me all day. I also love the Tuition Express, I dont have to do a deposit each day and one-third of our parents have signed up for it. It’s great, and I would recommend ProCare to everyone.

  • I am so grateful to ProCare! Our Extended Day Program at St. John’s is amazing! After over 10 years of keeping records manually, which was so exhausting! I lost all sight of my home and family life, due to the endless hours of accounting by hand! Not to mention the time we the children we were called to serve. We then turned to a centter organizer that took too much painstaking time. Then a Fabulous Conference came along. There was a free magazine hand out and ProCare’s add was listed.
    I was blessed with a mom, whose children were in our School Age Program that had technology skills to research ProCare with me. It wasn’t long and we were hooked! Yes the forms, reports and all it’s numerous task capabilities are incredible. But what I like most is the Support and how this Company backs it’s product! Even when the errors were on our end they were gracious and filled with compassion and outstanding care! Make sure you add the IPAQ to your ProCare list…emergengency #’s available wherever you go is priceless!
    And to those Centers noticing lost revenues…utilize your reports daily for children currently checked in. We also have a policy that if families forget to check in/out, they are given added charges. With the reports we do daily we catch these and the later never becomes a reality.
    I know there are areas of ProCare we still need to explore and we will, but with all the time ProCare saves us, we have precious time with our Children and Families!
    And finally, with today’s economic crisis we find ourselves working hard to help those who just barely miss qualifying for local tuition assistance. So whenever possible, we waive fees. We have cut our own hours, specials and have a freeze on our craft supply purchasing. The money, if we were awarded, would help create a fund for those less fortunate in these trying times.

    Thank You, All of you who work at ProCare to make a better place for Children!

    Mary Haigh

  • This is a wonderful program when it comes to using it for the administration part of your business. This program allows you to keep track of your daily files concerning what each parent paid weekly/biweekly/monthly. Saving money is something everyone wants to be apart of no matter your salary. Using this system allows you to catch mistakes, and unusual things that occur such as child coming on a day he is not supposed to within minutes by the staff/system.This is a more efficient way to check children in because this Procare system acts a gadget that catches any mistakes.With this program you ar able to keep close track of what goes on in your center with the press of a few buttons with you entering the child’s basic information in.This program has a variety of features ranging from keeping track of what time a child arrived,left and who signed he/she in. This program has been so beneficial to my daily career that I recommend it to anyone not only people starting a daycare but to others in need of keeping a toll on daily files. If I was to win this contest I would spend the money on playground materials as many have already stated and also small materials the children can play and learn from when the weather is too bad to go outside.This program has given me the opportunity to print off any file within a flash of minutes.One of the most important things I have been able to do with this program that has always took a few hours is giving the parents an overview of their annul fees. As tax time approaches I am able to print off the tuition fees the parents have paid year long within minutes and they are greatly appreciative of how quick I am able to do so. This program is something that has made not only my life easier, but my employees , parents and other clients I mention it to feel more content about the overall program. Parents whom are the most important with the program the information they are receiving is clear,consistent, and they are always able to receive the information in prompt time.Without this program I would have to take more time away from the children and spend on the daily files which is never a good time. This company has invented a life changing program form many individuals.

  • With pro-care each teacher has a list of children in their class what their daily schedule is. We remain full 90% of the time. If we are over teachers notice it right away. With pro care’s time clock and attendance program I can also check all the children’s time cards and sort them by their daily schedule and see if a child used extra time on any day or added a day.

  • I have been in day care 25 years and until I got Procare EVERYTHING was done by hand. Procare is a timesaver and a moneysaver! So many times parents will be confused about what they owe…thinking they have paid. All I have to do is print off their ledger. By having a spot to put their check number they can go back and see if they have or have not paid. And now with Tuition Express and Credit/Debit card payments life is even easier! It is amazing how much that frees up my time for overseeing the teachers and children! We also use to type up roll sheets, now with a click of the button…we have roll sheets for each class on each campus!! What a timesaver….thanks Procare!
    We are working on ipods and docks for each room in order to increase music awareness for the children. Music and rhythm are so important as it increases a child’s reading ability. That would be a life-long gift to a child.

  • Procare is awesome! It is user-friendly, keeps track of attendance & billing and you can run any reports that you can think of!

  • I love my ProCare! Let’s just say, I am organizationally challenged, and ProCare makes it possible for my center to run as smoothly as a child care center can run. Parents are always blown away by our sophisticated sign in/out system.

  • In response to how we tell if kids are full time or part time we put the little “carrot” the symbol above the 6 at the end of their names that way it is always there and we can accommodate it. We want to help out families that need part time care and therefore we tell them if they neglect to check in or schedule the extra times they need then they pay that time at the drop in rate. The drop in rate is almost double the regular rate, it really stops parents from trying to “sneak” under the wire.
    It would be nice if Procare had some “official” way to identify part time kids on the regular roster.

  • After I print my rollcall/sign in sheets from the ProCare program, I highlight each day that the child should be here. My teachers sign the children in/out on the rollcall sheets, and the parents sign the children in/out on the sign in/out sheets. At the end of the week, I check both to make sure no children were signed in for any additional days, and if they were, I bill them for that day and let the parents know that they were billed. This process has worked well for me, and since our state requires both parent and teacher sign ins, it is no extra work except to highlight the days the children attend. HOwever, this also acts as a daily snack count, so it would have been convenient regardless!

  • ProCare has taken care of this problem as all I have to do is check our count on ProCare with the count and I know if someone is not signed in. As long as attendance records are accurate then billing is.

    We are raising money for our SACC program.

  • I love procare and have recommended to others – I love the billing, it makes my life so easy.

    Staff hours and payroll has been a challenge for us and now that we use Procare it has helped us to keep track of staffing

    Having just assumed administrative management of the center, ProCare has been a life saver! After 6 weeks “on the job”, we hve already been audited for the CACFP program and ProCare saved us! The school staff told me that they failed their last audit (pre-ProCare) and had to pay money back to USDA. This is something that we could not have afforded to do.

    ProCare has also allowed me to run a report to contact seasonal and part-time students to offer them a special discount on full-time, year round enrollment.

    This software is AWESOME!

  • Procare has been wonderful for us at Joyland Daycare. It has made our weekly billing so simple. We also have many parents who require different kinds of printouts for their Flexible Spending accounts. Since we have had Procare, we have been able to easily accommodate all of our parents needs. This makes everyone happy! It is such a user friendly program. We can send end of the year printouts with the touch of a button. We definitely recommend Procare Software for any childcare facility.

  • We love ProCare! It has allowed us to be organized and accurately track our 200+ students keeping them accounted for and safe at all times with ProCare’s accurate and wide variety of formats for sign-in and out sheets.

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