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Reporting Payroll Hours for your Child Care Business

42-16072097Recently this question came in to the ProCare Tech Support team. Perhaps your child care business could use payroll reports like this too.

“I need to produce a summary report containing employee name, straight  time and overtime hours and their hourly pay rate.”

This turns out to be an easy one. ProCare Software already includes a Daycare Payroll report with all that information. In fact, ProCare can automatically calculate payroll and withholdings and print payroll checks, as well as offering many standard payroll reports.     

Time Card Summary

The Time Card Summary includes all the requested items; straight time, overtime and pay rate. There are several versions of the report from which to choose.

Begin at the main screen of the ProCare Employee Data & Payroll module then:

  1. Click the General (reports) button > choose Employee Data reports > click report letter C – Time Card.
  2. You’re now at the Report Criteria screen. At the top click the drop down list and select the report called “Time Card Summary with Dollars”.
  3. Click Start to bring up the Print Preview screen.

Daycare Payroll Reports

Of course ProCare includes numerous Employee Data and Payroll Reports to help run your child care business including things like:

  • Individual Employee Time Cards
  • Benefit Hours (vacation, sick, training)
  • Payroll Check Summary
  • Earnings Summary
  • Withholdings Reports
  • Tax Deposit and 941 Reports

Here’s wishing you success with your child care business and until next time, cheers!


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