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Why ProCare Support is Special

As most long time users of ProCare Software know, ProCare Technical Support is unique in a number of ways. We receive dozens of comments each month on how helpful the tech staff is and what a key role quality support plays in the decision to invest in Child Care Management Software. In a previous article we examined a day in the life of the Tech Support Team. Today we’ll look at the question – “What makes ProCare Support special?“.    

Live Support

All calls are taken live. You’ll never speak to an automated “phone tree” asking you to press 1 for this or that. You call, we answer – it’s as simple as that.

In House Technicians

ProCare Technicians work directly for ProCare, taking calls live from our corporate office in Oregon. You can rest assured that you’ll be talking directly to us – you aren’t outsourced to a third-party company.

Real Experience

The average tenure of our current technical staff is nearly six years. ProCare’s extremely low turn over rate means you’re talking to people who actually know how to use the software. ProCare technicians don’t read from a pre-set script. Instead they listen to your questions and act accordingly based on years of experience helping people like you manage their child care business.

Free is a Very Good Price

Technical Support is always free for all current versions of ProCare. We even pay for the call.

Live Training & Consultation

While tech support is available to help trouble shoot issues and answer specific questions, there may be times when you need a little extra guidance in setting things up for your particular situation. In addition to Free Learning Tools we also offer Live Training, for a modest fee. With Live Training a ProCare instructor connects to your computer and guides you each step of the way for a true hands-on learning experience. And best of all, a free 30 minute training session is included with your first time purchase of ProCare.

Learn more about ProCare Live Support >>

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