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Play “Stump the Tech”

Ever played “Stump the Tech”? You know, it’s that game where you call technical support and throw them a curve ball, asking something they may never have heard before, just to see how they’ll respond. The ProCare Support Team receives a few of these each month either from an Email Question or a direct phone call. Sometimes the answer even results in a new question/answer posted to our FAQs Page (Frequently Asked Questions). In this post I’ll mention a few stumpers that come up from time to time and ask for any new ones you’d like to submit.  

We’ll start with a few easy ones – a few soft balls – to keep the ball playing analogy. If this turns out to be a popular post we may have more “stumper” articles in the future.

Stumper #1

Q: I’ve added a new child to a family, but they don’t show up at the check in screen. Why?

A: When there is more than one child in a family a new column titled “Not Authorized for these Children” appears on the Family ID Code screen. Just remove the check mark from that column to allow a child to be checked in by the person using a particular ID code.

Stumper #2

Q: The child’s age appears on screen in years and months (like 1 year – 6 months), but I’d prefer it to be just months (like 18 months). Is there a way to do that?

A: Yes. You can change the way age is displayed on screen, however, this does not affect printed reports. See the FAQ on how to Display Child’s Age in Months.

Stumper #3

Q: The scrolling classroom count at the bottom of the Family Data & Accounting screen shows more children checked in than does the “Currently Checked In” report. Who are the additional children and how do I get them off the scrolling count?

A: It’s likely a child in a Deactive family did not get checked out on their last day. They would still be included in the scrolling count, but by default the report shows only children in Active families. The solution is to run the report for just Deactive families then manually add a final “Out” time on each Child’s Time Card. See the FAQ on Scrolling Class Count.

What are your Stumpers?

Submit your “Stump the Tech” question by commenting below. In some cases we may contact you directly, to get additional information about your situation, rather than responding in the blog.

Special Thanks

I’d like to offer a special thank you to Michael, on our tech team, for coming up with this idea.

Until next time, cheers!


If you have questions or comments about this article (or suggestions for another article) I’d be pleased to hear from you. Drop me at note at

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