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ABCs of Child Care – And Then Some!

Starting a child care business can be hard work. It can be even harder to attract new families and maintain that business. We’ve gathered some of the ABCs of Child Care that will help to keep your business running smoothly!

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Advertise your child care center in as many places as you can. Get the word out that you are open for business. Some examples could be in the newspaper, trade magazines, on your own website, or through email. Remember, you offer a valuable service that others need. It will take time to build a good reputation, but it’s worth it.

Business Cards

Even if you are a small center, working out of your home, show anyone you meet your most professional side. Give business cards to friends to pass out, to family members, to anyone that works with parents or a school. Tip: Write a simple note on the back to leave a lasting impression.


Keep in contact with a variety of people that may become customers, or may refer a family to you in the future. Be sure to keep track of who you call, when, how often, etc. This list will help you generate business over time.


Get to as many child-centered events as you can. Get yourself known and out there in the community.

Follow through

Follow through is one of the most important parts of any business. Stay in contact with families who are interested in your services, don’t write them off just because they didn’t call when they said they would. They may have forgotten, or lost your number. Be proactive. Call them. Good customer service will bring you return business. Always give more than is expected.


Your own web site will offer busy parents a unique alternative to visiting the center when shopping around for child care, and will work as a sort of pre-screening for both the parents and your center. Put your web site URL on everything you hand out: business cards, flyers, etc.


In this business children’s safety is our focus. Where do kids hang out? Where are their parents? Put your flyers and cards in those places. Call all kid friendly organizations about advertising.

Quick Response

Give a little extra with every business contact. Return calls and respond to email promptly. Make people remember you in a positive light.


Ask your satisfied customers if they know someone else who needs child care. Referrals are often the backbone of any successful company. A referral from a friend is much more effective than an advertisement. Use this to your advantage.

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