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Stepped Rate Child Care Billing

The following question recently appeared in the ProCare Tech Support “IN” box.

“I am setting up our child care tuition fees, but we do not have weekly rates. Our billing uses a stepped rate charged ahead of time. Here’s our rate schedule:

Infant Rates

  • Up to 3 Hours/Day $21 (level 1)
  • Up to 4 Hours/Day $25 (level 2)
  • Up to 5 Hours/Day $29 (level 3)
  • Up to 6 Hours/Day $33 (level 4)
  • Daily MAX  $35 (level 5)

Please let me know how we can enter this to be billed according to the days they are scheduled in advance.”

You can absolutely do this kind of stepped rate billing in ProCare. In fact, one of our standard billing formulas fits this case perfectly.

3 Steps to Child Care Billing

There are 3 basic steps to billing for your preschool, child care or daycare.

  1. Set up your rates
  2. Assign the rates to the child / family (see note)
  3. Process Automatic Child Care Billing

Note: Since this billing is based on schedule you’ll need to enter the child’s schedule as well.

1. Set Up Rates / Billing Method

You’ll use template Billing Methods that come standard with the ProCare Attendance Tracker for any charges based on schedule or actual attendance.

  1. Begin at the main screen of Family Data & Accounting
  2. From the Functions menu (top left) choose Program Configuration, then Attendance Tracking Setup.
  3. Click the Attendance Billing Methods button (upper right).
  4. From the drop down list of Billing Method Names choose 5 Rates Hrs/Day (Schedule).
    1. On lines 1-5 enter the amount for each rate level
    2. On lines 7-10 enter the number of hours where each rate kicks in, for example 3.01 hours would mean anything over 3 hours.

Hint: If you have different rates for each age group click New and say Yes to using the existing method as a template. Then you can give it a new name like “5 Rates – Infants”.

2. Assign Method to Each Child

Next you’ll assign your new “5 Rates – Infants” method to all appropriate families. You can use the Select Button to view only families with children in the Infants Classroom.

  1. Begin with the first family and click the Billing button (bottom of screen).
  2. At the Family Billing Box screen click the Billing Method button (upper left)
  3. Add a new line for each child with your new method named “5 Rates – Infants”.
  4. Proceed to the next family. Hint – Click the Blue Down Arrow.

3. Run Automatic Billing

  1. Begin at the main screen of Family Data & Accounting
  2. From the Functions menu choose Automatic Billing then click Billing Method.
  3. Enter the Post Date (like Friday) you want the charge to appear on each family’s account. Select a Starting and Ending Date (like Next Week). Mark All billing methods or just the “5 Rates – Infants” method if that is all you want to do right now. Then click Start. Each family will be charged the appropriate amount based on their child’s schedule.

Good luck with your stepped rate billing and until next time, cheers!


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