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Child Care Billing – Who? Me?

You may not consider what your child care business does as “billing”, especially if you don’t send out a bill in the traditional sense. But the truth is, everyone does some form of billing. Used in this way, the word “billing” means charging a fee for child care tuition, after school programs, karate lessons, dance classes or similar services. ProCare has many billing features to fit a variety of daycare accounting circumstances.  

Recurring Fees: Weekly, Monthly, etc.

Regular fees that are charged each week or month may be the easiest of all. This may include child tuition as well as things like supply fees and even family discounts. Co-payments, involving a state agency, are also easy to handle. Fees are entered one time in the Billing Box for each family. Then once a week, month (or other cycle like bi-weekly) you simply run Automatic Billing which records those recurring fees on the family Ledger Card, where the history of charges, credits and payments is stored. Chapter 3 of our self-paced ProCare Tutorials covers this in detail.

Group Fees: Late Payments, Field Trips, etc.

Late payments are a good example of wanting to charge only a selected group of families. You don’t want to charge everyone – just those families who did not pay on time. Field trips are another example as you may only wish to bill families with children in a certain class or program. ProCare also makes this easy. By using a built-in Selection Feature you can pick only the categories of families to include, like only those with a balance of more than $100, or any amount you choose. Then you can charge them all at once using the Selected Accounts feature of Automatic Billing.

Attendance Fees: Overtime, Late Pick Up, etc.

Charges related to attendance like overtime, extra hours and late pick up fees are handled with Billing Methods. Billing methods are templates that charge certain rates by reviewing the actual time and attendance of children and in some cases comparing that to their scheduled time. Using the ProCare Attendance Tracker to record child hours is the key to this type of billing. ProCare also offer a Time Clock keypad as discussed in a previous Time Clock Article.

Hourly and Daily Rates

In most cases, charges that are per hour or per day are handled with the Attendance Tracker. However, sometimes an alternate way is useful, especially for things like Drop In Care. Using a little known feature called Variable Daily Posting you can quickly process hourly and daily fees by entering the number of days or hours you wish to charge for each child in a family. You can move through many families quickly or charge just one or two at a time.

Good luck with your child care billing and until next time, cheers!


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