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Help! My ProCare Data is Gone! How Do I Get My Information Back?

Every day, I hear from someone who has experienced their worst fear – their data is gone!  If you depend on ProCare Software to help manage your child care business you need a way to recover information when you have a computer failure.  In ProCare we use the Backup / Restore option, and in this article we’ll look at how to safeguard your data.

How did I lose my Data?

Database records can be lost several ways – the most common being: a virus that requires the hard drive to be reformatted, a physical hard-drive crash, or a serious data corruption.  While there are companies that specialize in data recovery from failed hard drives, they may charge an arm and a leg to do so.  The simplest (and cheapest) insurance against this is to routinely Backup your ProCare data.

Database Backup & Restore:

In ProCare, you can choose to backup (or restore) each module individually, or do them all at once.  The Backup/Restore function includes ALL records in the database, every time.  Think of it like a snapshot of your data at a moment in time.  This means when you restore the database from a backup, it will REPLACE the database currently on your system with the data stored in the Backup file.  It’s important to know this will happen, and that your data will be as current as the most recent Backup from which you restored.

Where is ProCare Data Stored?

The day-to-day place your ProCare data resides is called your Data Folder.  You can see where your Data Folder is by clicking the ProCare Logo (with the three penguins) at the main screen.

Backup & Restore:

You access both the Backup and Restore functions through the Backup button at the bottom of the main screen.  This is where you choose which modules to include. If you have a Multi-Site version of ProCare you may also select just one school, or all schools.

Source/Target for data files:

If you are backing up data, this is the ‘target’ where the compressed backup file is saved; if you are restoring data, this is the ‘source’ of the compressed backup file, such as your flash drive, portable hard drive, or network folder.   

Choosing Fixed Disk Drive is useful for doing a temporary backup.  This backup is stored in the same folder as your live ProCare data. So, if you lose the hard drive where that data resides you’ll also lose your backup file! The Fixed Disk Drive is a good option to use for a quick backup before doing something like Automatic BillingBatch Process Meals, or Batch Attendance. For a regular Backup, you should use an external storage device such as a usb flash drive, portable hard drive, or a separate network drive.  See: How to Backup ProCare to an External Drive.

When to Backup:

While this is entirely up to you, we recommend you do a backup every day that you use ProCare.  Just think of how much work you’d have to do to re-enter the information you might lose without a current backup!

Complete Explanation:

For complete details see our Frequent Questions on ProCare Backup and Restore.

If you have any suggestions for future articles or other comments, I’d be happy to hear from you.  Please drop me a note at

Doug McDonald
Training Coordinator
ProCare Software

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  • I can thank the Procare team enough! In the past 2 months, I have had 2 computers crash, one at each center that was the main computer that my data was stored, and families and staff both signed in and out on it daily. We were without it and luckily I have been backing up on my thumb drive daily! Thanks for the tip and the reminder, you saved us! We will NEVER forget to back up!

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