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Watching Your Money Closer these Days?

I don’t know about you, but my family and I are certainly watching our money more closely these days. I suspect those of you who run your own daycare, child care center, summer camp program or similar child-centered business are doing the same. Everyone is uneasy. Gas prices are soaring, the “R” word keeps getting attention in economic news, and the markets are jittery. Is this really the right time to invest in Child Care Management Software or add additional modules to your current system? An excellent question to be sure. The answer may be clearer than you think.   

Taking Charge of Your Finances

You’re feeling nervous about your finances and your business. Every penny counts. You may feel that money is managing you rather than the other way around. It’s a sense of financial insecurity, that uneasy feeling that things might work out okay, but you’re just not too sure. What you need is something to help you take charge of your business and finances. Something to be your security blanket. It’s amazing what a sense of relief a person can feel when they know their bills are paid and tuition is received in a timely, predictable manner.

Your Security Blanket

You may never have thought of management software like that comforting, rag-tag quilt from your childhood days. But here’s the thing – a solution that relieves those financial worries, especially in times like these, can be worth its weight in gold. It may not give you warm fuzzies on the outside, like your blanket of days gone by, but it can help you find that sense of tranquility, that peace of mind, which can be even more important.

The Daycare Software Solution

ProCare is software specifically tailored to child care management. It’s easy to track child care revenue with our Family Data and Accounting modules while hourly charges are accurately recorded based on child Time and Attendance Tracking. It’s even easier to collect child care fees. With just a few mouse clicks you can collect fees directly from parent checking or savings accounts, or let them charge it to a credit card, using the Tuition Express payment processing service.

Keep up with Payroll and Bill Paying

By using the ProCare Payroll and Accounts Payable modules you’ll stay on top of expenses, while General Ledger ties it all together with comprehensive financial reports and daycare budgeting.

A Win – Win Outcome

By investing in management software now, you’ll help ensure a strong financial future for your child-centered business. You’ll also be helping your families by providing a stable, caring environment for their children during those precious early childhood years. It’s truly a win – win situation for everyone.

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