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PDF Export with Vista & XP (SP3)

You may already be aware that you can export ProCare reports to Adobe .PDF format. This is helpful when you want to attach a report to an email (see Doug’s Article on Exporting to PDF). It works great in current editions of Windows XP (Service Pack 2), but requires a work around in Vista. It now appears the newly released SP3 (Service Pack 3) for Windows XP will require the same.  [N

[Note added 10-27-2008: This issue has been resolved in ProCare versions 9.1.430 and higher]


When choosing to export a standard ProCare report to PDF format a file of zero bytes is created. The file cannot be opened by Adobe Reader (the software used to view PDFs).

Third Party PDF Driver

The way to get around this (as described in Doug’s Article) is to install a third party PDF print driver (like PrimoPDF) then choose that as your PRINTER instead of clicking the Export button on the report.

Choose Another Format

[Note added 5-29-08: RTF Export has the same issue as PDF Export. This is no longer a valid option]Another option would be to Export to a different format like RTF (Rich Text Format) that may still be attached to an email. The potential downside of RTF is that it can be opened in most word processors (like MS Word) and therefore the person receiving the attachment could make changes to it. PDFs are nice because, unless you have special software, they cannot be edited.

Which versions of Vista and XP are affected?

All versions of Vista have the above symptom and it looks like the new XP (SP3) download follows suit. At the time of this writing, most XP users still had Windows XP (SP2) where the export to PDF feature works just fine. If you have Windows Updates turned on you’ll get SP3 automatically, sometime in the coming weeks or months, when Microsoft decides to push it out to everyone.

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It has come to our attention that there is a copycat of PrimoPDF out on the web. Be wary when downloading PrimoPDF. There is a fake site showing up under “sponsored links” in Google (right side). This site directs you to enter your credit card prior to the download and has some sort of monthly fee involved. We have confirmed with the moderator of the real PrimoPDF forum that this is not a legitimate site. The correct site is which shows up under the natural results (left side).

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