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Immunization Tracking – Looking Forward

Tracking child immunizations has become more complex over the years since the original design of ProCare Software. Here are some of the things we’ve been hearing from people as to what they would like to see in a next generation product.

Combo Vaccines

Combination vaccines, that include more than one type of vaccination in a single injection, have become commonplace. This has a two-fold effect on immunization tracking. First, you need to allow for the possibility that a child may receive a single combo vaccination or separate, individual vaccinations. Second, you need a way to track one path or the other (combo or individual shots) but not both for the same child.

What we’re hearing is that people would like more room for defining the number of immunizations a child might receive and have the ability to track specific immunizations for each child. For example, Billy might receive the combo vaccine, therefore you wouldn’t need to track the individual vaccines it included. Cindy, on the other hand gets the individual vaccinations, so in her case you’d have no need to track the combination shot. In other words it would be nice to turn tracking on or off, for a particular immunization, one child at a time.


There are various reasons a child might be exempt from an immunization. In some cases they may have already had a childhood illness, like chickenpox, that may eliminate the need for a vaccine, like Varicella. In other cases there may be a religious exemption, or a decision by the family or pediatrician that a particular vaccine is not appropriate. There may also be situations were a child is exempt, not from the immunization itself, but just a particular shot in the series. For example, according to the Center for Disease Control recommendations, the 4 month old shot for Hepatitis B is not always required.

So what we are hearing in this regard is that having an easy way to indicate a child is either completely exempt, or exempt from a particular shot in the series, would be very helpful. Perhaps a place to note why the child is exempt or define exemption reasons would be of additional benefit.

Physical Dates, Evaluation Dates

Another category of tracking related to immunizations is the tracking of dates for specific recurring exams or evaluations. Keeping track of when the next physical is due is one such item. We’re hearing people wanting more flexibility in the way these types of dates can be tracked and being able to more easily track things beyond the last physical received and next one due.

Child / Family Reporting

Although it’s good to know which children currently have immunizations due, it would be nice to easily see who isn’t quite due yet, but will be coming due soon. For example you may want to know who will have immunizations due next month or at the start of the school year. Another suggestion we’ve heard frequently made is to offer a report to give the family showing which children have which immunizations coming due.

Great Ideas – Keep them Coming

These are all good ideas and all things we are giving strong consideration to as we think about the future of ProCare. If you have a suggestion or program enhancement you’d like to see please take a moment to fill out our Suggestions Form.

Thanks and keep those good ideas coming. Until next time, cheers!


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