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Do You Save ProCare Reports for Re-Printing or Emailing?

Whoa! You mean I can do that in ProCare? Yes! This is a powerful feature in ProCare. You can save any ProCare report as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file to be used later for things like printing out purged information or emailing a report as an attachment in an email message. How you do this depends on whether you have Windows XP or Vista.

Why do I use Adobe Acrobat PDF format?

This format option creates an ‘image’ file of your report which looks exactly like the report you print out. With the grid lines, fonts, and other formatting, it looks just as professional as your original report. This is different from saving it as a data file, like excel or csv formats, which are generally used to import data into other programs.

Besides emailing the report, why would I want to do this?

When you purge records in ProCare, such as child attendance or Ledger Card activity (Accounting Maintenance), we always suggest you do a backup first, so if you ever need the information again, you can restore it from the backup. Saving reports for later use takes away the trouble of restoring data, if all you need is a report. Some examples of reports you might save periodically could include all customer statements at year-end, all customer information sheets, etc.

Creating the PDF file on a Windows XP computer:

When you generate a ProCare report, you always see the results displayed on the screen first, prior to printing. To save it to a file instead of printing it out, click the Export button, choose the file format as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Disk File for the location. Like this:

Export screen

When you click OK, you tell your computer where you want to store this file. It’s recommended that you create a folder to store all your saved ProCare reports so you can easily locate them later on.

Save Location

Name the report so you can identify what it is later on. For example, if you ran all customer statements for the prior year, you might name the file (which contains all the statements) something like Cust_Stmt_2007.pdf as we did above. Later when you need to reprint a report, or selected pages of it, you can simply open the file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, locate the pages needed, and print just those pages! Adobe Acrobat Reader is usually already on your computer, but if needed, you can download and install it for free.

Creating the PDF file on a Windows Vista computer:

Issue: Reports cannot be directly exported to Acrobat Format (PDF) on a Vista machine.

Solution: To create a PDF on a Vista computer you would download a free PDF Print Driver like PrimoPDF. When you bring up the Print Preview screen in ProCare don’t “export” the report, instead select the PDF Driver as your printer and click Print. The Print Driver lets you select a place to save it as a file. On Vista, you may need to run the Adobe Reader as an administrator to open the PDF.

Note: PDF Print Drivers and the Adobe Reader are third party software products that cannot be directly supported by ProCare.

Thanks to Sr. Technical Support Specialist Bob Cook for this idea!

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(Remember, saved reports may be all you need to re-print purged data!) Lastly, remember you can do this with any ProCare report; the limit is your imagination!

Happy Days!

Doug McDonald

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