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ProCare’s Report is ‘Off’ … Why?

When running reports in ProCare, you may sometimes experience something like “I ran my customer statements fine last time and now it’s wrong.” Or maybe, “Not everyone is showing up on my report.” To solve the riddle, we’ll look at how General and Specific reports work in ProCare and how report settings can affect the information you see.

ProCare’s Pre-Defined Reports: In these examples we use Family information, but the same principles apply to other modules as well.

General reports are used for all or some of your families. General reports include ‘variations’ of that type of report, selected at the top of the screen through the drop-down listing, along with the date range, and other selection filters such as Family or Child information button settings. A good example of a General report variation is the customer statement with ‘payments only’, which lists, as you’d expect, only payments.

Specific reports are just for the current family you’re working with, and are quick and easy to run, without any selection options besides the date range. When you run a Specific report that has a partner report in the General reports, it uses the last ‘variation’ selected from the General reports screen. This can mean the results might be different from the last time you ran this specific report, as in our example above of the ‘payments only’ customer statement.

After running a General report, when you Exit the report screens to return to the family information screen, ProCare ‘remembers’ that report variation the next time you run that report, whether in the General or Specific button. In our example, the way to switch this back to the ‘normal’ customer statement is to go back to the General reports, reselect the standard customer statement, then re-run the report. When you leave that screen and go to run the Specific customer statement, it will now be the standard version of that report.

The other selection criteria buttons, Family or Child information, appear depending on the type of report you’ve picked. For example, the Accounting reports have no Child information options, because the ledger card entries used for the accounting reports are attached to the sponsor/cosponsor or agency ledger cards, not the child records. Child information buttons appear for the Family Data group of reports. You’ll notice a ‘save’ button in the report criteria screens that lets you save the selections made, so anytime you run that report, it will always have those selections.

This can be very handy if you like your reports setup a certain way… but it can also be the cause of frustration, if someone else makes changes, then saves them! All of a sudden your reports look different or don’t include the right people or transactions! The easy fix for this is to Clear the current selections, then reset the selections you want and Save what you want.

For detailed descriptions of each ProCare report, try the Attendance, Family Data, Family Accounting or Employee reports help screens.

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