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Do Parents Question Your Attendance Billing?

Anyone who has a child care business has experienced, at one time or another, a parent questioning their billing methods. Are you billing correctly? Did you bill too much, not enough? Billing the right agencies for the right amounts? Money exchanging hands is always a tricky chore to handle. I’m writing today to let you in on a few tips to make this headache go away overnight!

If you bill for tuition based on time and attendance, you may have experienced the following issue: a parent questions your charges, and asks for proof that the charges are accurate for the time their child attended. Depending on how you have things set up, this can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some billing tips to help you keep things simple and easy to understand for your parents.ProCare billing methods contain a definition line for computing rounding of charges by the number of minutes you designate.For example, rounding to the next 15 minutes, would compute charges by the quarter-hour. In the Attendance Tracker program, where the parents do the check in / out functions, there is also a similar setting, where you designate the rounding method there too. Since you need attendance reports to match charges exactly, for the time billed, this means the ‘rounding’ procedures must be identical in the Billing Method formulas and in the child check in/out Options screens (either in ProCare Check In Options button if you use a computer, or the Attendance Tracker Options menu if you use the TimeClock). So, be sure to set these parameters the same in both areas.In addition, it helps if your charges ‘fit’ the rounding method as even dollars and cents. For example, if you charge $4.00 per hour, even dollar amounts will result if you round to the 15 minute mark so that each 15 minutes of time equals $1.00. This could be easier for parents to read to match the time to the dollars charged.

Supporting reports will need to be generated based on the billing date range you have billed for, such as by the week or month. When you are asked for proof of billing correctness by the parent, simply run the Customer Statement for the billing period, and also run the Child Attendance report for the same period.With the rounding methods identical, the times on the attendance report will match up perfectly to the total charge on the statement.

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2 Responses to Do Parents Question Your Attendance Billing?

  • Hi – Our billing methods round to the nearest 15 minutes. I have noticed that when I print a time record for a student that the hours don’t calculate exactly, so I tried adjusting the time clock options to round to the closest 15 minutes. The time still comes out in odd increments. Am I doing this incorrectly?

  • Mary – It sounds like you have the right idea. When you say the time comes out in odd increments I’m not sure if you mean the hours on the child’s time card or the amount they are charged. The time card should be in 15 minute increments. The amount charged might come out as an odd number, for example 1.5 hours at $4.25/hour would be $6.38. Or there could be a daily minimum or maximum that would result in a different amount. I’d suggest giving our Tech Support team a call so we can take a more detailed look at your situation. 1-800-964-1729.

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