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Coming Soon to a Daycare Near You

Let me tell you a secretPsst… I’ve got a secret. Well, actually a few. Lean closer and I’ll tell you. It’s about Child Care Management Software from Procare. You see, I’ve heard they’re working on a few things. Some pretty cool things that may take you by surprise.

Sure, you say, but I know Procare Software® already does so many things to simplify the daily management of my child care business, what else could they do? What would really “wow” me?

Well, let me share with you a few of the things we’re working on – things you’re likely to see over the next several months. Then vote on the wow factor by making a comment at the end of this blog. Continue reading

You Asked, We Listened

Through the years we’ve encouraged you to send us ideas for improving Procare Software® to better serve your needs by adding to the Procare Suggestion List.

Each message is read carefully for items that would benefit many Procare users or that are just plain great ideas!  We want you to know that we listen to your requests and have added the following new features based on your feedback. Continue reading

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