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Daycare Check In: Let Teachers Check Children In

Procare Touch Check-In ComputerEver wanted to have the teachers at your child care, daycare or preschool check in the children who attend their classroom? Using Procare Software it’s easy to do and there are a few different ways this can be handled.

Video: Teacher Checks In Children

Check in a Group of Children

A teacher may use the Batch Check In feature and filter the list so only children in her classroom are shown. Then she may choose which children to check in or out.

Teacher as Pickup Person

Another option is to assign the teacher as an authorized pickup person for each child in the class. Once the teacher is listed as a pickup, they could use the Receptionist Check-In tool to look themselves up as the pickup person. All the children the teacher is assigned to may then be checked in, either one at a time or several at once. This is a great option if the children arrive at different times. The teacher may leave the screen open and check the children in as they arrive.

Teacher Uses Check-In Computer

Child Check-In ScreenAn additional method is to let the teacher use a check-in computer, like a Procare Touch Computer, to check the children in, using her fingerprint (or other credentials). The teacher would be assigned as a pickup person to each child in her class, just like the previous example.

You may also be interested in a previous article on 3 Time & Attendance Methods for Your Daycare, which covers other ways to check children in such as: letting parents check them in, having a front desk person check children in on behalf of the parents, or checking in a bus load of children all at once.

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