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If Technology Stood Still

typewriter - circa 1975Okay, I admit it. I’m old enough to remember using a typewriter. Raise your hand if you remember too. At the time, it was a pretty good system, but there were a few drawbacks. For one thing, it wasn’t so easy to correct mistakes. Are any of you longing for a return to the days of “white-out” and correcting tape? Oh, and what about spelling gaffs and grammatical errors? You had to actually look things up in a real, printed dictionary or paperback grammar guide. Yes, those were the days all right.

Well, what if technology stood still? What if the Daycare Software you used today was the same as it was in 1995 or maybe even 2000? Of course, you’d never have anything new to learn, but would that be a good trade off?

1995 Daycare Technology

motorola phone - circa 1996The first Windows capable version of Procare Software® was introduced in 1995, the same year that “Braveheart” won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Windows 95 was introduced. It was a year later before this not-so-high-tech looking phone came out from Motorola. Anyone still have one?

The Year 2000 and Procare Version 9

Remember the Y2K scare of the late 1990’s when planes were supposed to drop from the sky and computers would go “wonky” (highly technical term there) when the year switched from “99” to “00”? Well, that’s the same year Procare version 9 was released. Believe it or not, that was a full dozen years ago. Although new and improved, it was still based on the original technology from 1995 and updated to be compatible with the newly released Windows ME (Millennium Edition), which itself was a gussied up version of Windows 95. I’m betting many of you never heard of Windows ME, let alone still have a computer that runs it.

windows me logo - year 2000To Infinity and Beyond

If you’ve ever seen the children’s movie “Toy Story” (or one of the sequels) you may remember the catch phrase of spaceman superhero Buzz Lightyear whose mission was to protect the galaxy “to infinity and beyond”. Thankfully, technology does not stand still. If it did we wouldn’t have iPhones, hybrid cars or cinnamon-caramel lattes. Well okay, maybe we’d have the lattes, but not the internet cafes where we enjoy them.

Commitment to the Future

Procare v10 (version 10) is the epitome of sophisticated, yet easy to use software that simplifies the daily management of your child care business. There are so many things v10 can do for your center that just weren’t possible in previous versions, such as Emailing Statements, Text Messaging Parents, Drop In Billing, Attaching Forms to Families, Scheduled Backups, and true calendar based Child Scheduling, just to name a few.

New services such as parent initiated Online Payments, the Online Wait List (OWL) and Remote Access / Data Hosting are also a result of Procare’s commitment to you and to the future.

So, sip your latte, embrace the future and until next time, cheers!


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