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Track Multiple Classrooms per Child

What do kindergarten, softball, soccer and after school art class have in common?  The answer may be Cindy Smith or Billy Jones.  The same child may be scheduled in a variety of classrooms and activities through out the day.  If your child care, preschool or after school program is like many, you may need to track children by more than one classroom, timeslot or activity.  Depending on the kind of programs you offer some children might participate in the twice-weekly afternoon soccer program, while others might be in a 3-day morning art class, while some are in both.  Overall they have one main classroom, but you’d like lists of these other classroom groupings as well.  In this article we’ll explore how Procare Software® can handle multiple classrooms in a couple of different ways.

What options do I have?

In addition to the many reports that are grouped by primary classroom, such as Roll Call and Sign In Sheets, you may also use Classroom Schedule reports or Tracking reports. Schedule reports use Classroom Names showing the appropriate classroom assigned for each part of the day.  The Classroom Schedule reports allow you to group results by the scheduled classroom name, and show the dates/days involved.  Alternately, or in addition to the schedule option, you could create child Tracking Items that represent each program or activity. You’d simply assign the class tracking categories as appropriate to the child records, then run the Tracking report to obtain a child roster, maybe grouped with a page-break by the tracking item, like Soccer – Tues/Thurs. or Art MWF and so on.

Classroom Schedule Example:

Child Tracking Example:

Which is best to use? Can I use both

Which method to use depends on the complexity of your situation; each solution is a good fit for different circumstances. 

If all you need is a list of children in each program, often using a Tracking Item is the way to go.  Maintaining tracking items for a child record is easy – simply click the Tracking icon for the child and check or uncheck the item.

If you need more date sensitivity, then using schedules is probably the better option. This works especially well if their actual location/activity schedule is what you’re after.  If you have a combination of these factors, you could use both solutions with schedules for date-sensitive list and tracking items for simple rosters. Tracking items are also available in the Procare Data Viewer where you may build your own view of child information for the desired tracking items. Then either print out lists, or export the data to other file formats like Excel, PDF, and so on.

Using these methods Procare gives you the flexibility to take care of just about any situation you can come up with!

Until next time, enjoy!


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