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3 Time & Attendance Methods for Your Daycare

If you need to print daycare time sheets or keep track of time and attendance hours for your preschool you’ve probably found that manual time sheets are inefficient and time consuming. By using Daycare Software specifically designed for Attendance Tracking you can greatly simplify time keeping tasks and dramatically cut the administrative time involved.

In this article we’ll take a look at how Procare Software® can be used to check children in and out in several different ways, depending on what works best for your child care business. 

1. Parent Check In

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One way to record time and attendance of children is to allow each parent (or other authorized pick up person) to check the children in at a computer check in station using your own computer or a Procare Touch Computer with built in finger print recognition. Parents simply press their finger, enter their password, and select the children they wish to check in or out. They can even view recent financial activity on their account, see immunizations due, check their children’s schedules and read messages sent from the child care center director. You can also add a signature capture device and require parents to sign their name at the end of the check in process. When parents check their children in, that fact is recorded on each child’s time card.

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2. Batch Check In / Bus Runs

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Another method for check in is to have a staff member check in a selected group of children all at once, for example all children who ride a particular bus. Just select the group of children to check in and choose to check them into their scheduled classroom, or their default “primary” classroom. Then uncheck any children in the group who were not on the bus and click Process. When children are checked in by this method the initials of the staff member are recorded on the time card of each child.

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3. Receptionist Check In

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Another option is to have a staff member stationed as receptionist near your entry way. Using the special Receptionist feature they quickly look up the name of the authorized person who is dropping off or picking up the children, confirm their identity, and process the check in directly at the point of drop off or pick up. Using this method the receptionist handles the check in procedure on behalf of the parent, but since the parent is indeed present (at the point of the transaction) the name of the parent is recorded on the child’s time card.

Click to Enlarge: Receptionist Check In

Note: Typically if your child care center is set up for a front desk person to process check in times you would use this feature in lieu of the parent check in method. The two methods are not intended to be used in a mix and match fashion. If you prefer not to use this feature it may be blocked to prevent use by unauthorized personnel.

Here’s wishing you well in finding the best time and attendance solution for your child centered business and until next time – cheers!


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