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Efficient Staff Scheduling for Daycare

Making every dollar count is especially important in today’s economy and efficient scheduling of your daycare staff is a good way to stretch your payroll budget. They key is making sure to meet required child to teacher ratios without over staffing during periods of lower enrollment. 
Daycare Scheduling - Child Teacher Ratios
Using Daycare Software from ProCare it’s easy to make sure you are on target with ratios and avoid over and under staffing situations.                    

Child Schedules

Schedules for children are maintained in the Family Data module. You can even set up multiple “in” and “out” times per day to accommodate before and after school children. 

Ratios & Staff Schedules

Classroom ratios and staff schedules are handled in the Employee Data module. Each class may be assigned its own ratio and staff members may be scheduled individually or as part of a larger “department” like Infants or Toddlers. The schedule screen has an easy to read graphic interface with red lines to indicate any period of over or under staffing. Just click and drag the end of the line until the red goes away. You’ll also be alerted if an employee is scheduled more than the normally allowed number of hours per day. 

Attendance Ratios

It can also be helpful to look at past attendance trends for periods of over staffing to help you make adjustments in the future. The Instant Replay module lets you “replay” attendance to see where the peaks and valleys are so you can more efficiently schedule staff for the coming weeks. Instant Replay works with Time and Attendance Tracking Software and/or our Daycare Time Clock to record the check in and out times of children and employees. 

Here’s wishing you a more efficient and prosperous year ahead. Until next time, cheers! 


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