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Enhance Child Care Security

Security at child care centers, daycare facilities and preschools certainly is an important subject. We all want our young children to have a safe and fun environment for play and learning. In this article we’ll highlight a number of products from ProCare Software that can help enhance security procedures at your center.    

ProCare Time Clock

ProCare Time ClockThe Time Clock has been written about in Previous Articles, but this is the first to focus on its use as a tool to enhance child care security. The time clock helps by allowing only authorized pick up persons to check children in or out. Each parent, or other pick up person, is assigned a unique PIN (personal identification number). The PIN must be entered before a child may be picked up. To take full advantage of this system the Time Clock may be connected to an electrically operated door strike. When the PIN is entered it opens an interior hallway door. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your classroom corridor. More Time Clock Information >>

Keyless Entry System (KES)

ProCare Keyless Entry SystemFor exterior door access the ProCare Keyless Entry System (KES) is the product of choice to increase child care security. Only authorized persons, using their unique ID Code, can enter your daycare center. The Keyless Entry also helps you monitor who enters the building by showing the time each ID code was used throughout the day. Once inside your center, the same ID Code / PIN may be used to check children in and out on the ProCare Time Clock or a computer running Time and Attendance Tracking software. More Keyless Entry Information >>

Door Controller

ProCare Door ControllerProCare’s door controller is connected to your electrically operated interior door to buzz the door open when a parent or other authorized person checks a child in or out at a computer station. This can be done using a traditional keyboard and mouse or a touch screen monitor. More Door Controller Information >>

PhotoGallery – Photo Viewer

ProCare Photo ViewerWith PhotoGallery you can easily look up pictures of authorized pick up persons to verify their identity, while recording additional information like their driver’s license, cell phone number, etc. within the Family Data module. Besides enhancing security, the PhotoGallery is a great way for staff to familiarize themselves with pictures of the children and their parents. If you need to go to the classroom to retrieve Cindy Smith, but you haven’t personally met her, you can quickly look up her photo. More on PhotoGallery >>

If you have any additional security tips that work at your child care center please let me know. Until next time, cheers!


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