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Up to Date Enrollment Reports

Child care centers, daycare facilities, preschool and after school programs all need to keep up to date enrollment reports. Sometimes it’s even desirable to print a report showing historic enrollment, in other words, the number of children enrolled in a past period. This can be useful to establish staffing trends and to compare enrollment over periods of time. Another reason to run enrollment reports may be to satisfy Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) requirements showing the number of children enrolled at various reimbursement levels.   

Current Enrollment

It’s very easy to generate a report of your current child care enrollment. In my opinion the best report for this purpose is the Child’s Key Date Summary which is located under General Reports > Family Data > Letter K – Special Reports. The Primary Sort determines how the names are presented on the page. If you just want a long alphabetical list set the Primary Sort to None. If you want a list by class set it to Primary Classroom.

Enrolled During a Period

If you want a list of new children, who enrolled during a specific period, that’s also easy to do. It will include just new enrollees during the dates you select. Run the same report above but click the Enrollment Date button on the Report Criteria screen and choose Between, then enter the enrollment dates you wish to have included. You’ll also want to included both Active and Deactive families and check the box to Include Withdrawn Children. This is because you want all children who enrolled during the period even though they may have later withdrawn. Also set the Primary Sort to None (see hint below).

CACFP Enrollment

To get a list of children currently enrolled at each Food Program reimbursement level (like Free, Reduced, and Above Scale) use the same report mentioned above but set the Primary Sort to Food Program Status.

Historic Enrollment

It’s important to note that the child’s classroom may change over time. Since most reports are based on their currently assigned class it can be challenging to retrieve certain types of enrollment information. Often attendance based reports are the best source. For those of you using the ProCare Attendance Tracker I’d suggest the Monthly Attendance Summary (under Letter H – School Attendance Summary). This doesn’t show the classroom, but it does allow you to enter a Date Range to get a list of children who attended during a prior month. Another possibility would be the Daily Distinct Count (under Letter F – Child Attendance Summary). The Daily Distinct Count shows you the names of children who attended on a given day including the classroom they were checked into at that time.

Hint: It’s best to sort these reports by None to get an alphabetical list. Sorting by Primary Classroom could cause confusion since that would be their currently assigned class, which may not be the class they were in at the time.

The Future of Reporting

Making it easier to report on children who were actively enrolled during a specific period, including their historic classroom information, is something we’ve been discussing lately. It’s likely that a next generation ProCare product will include greater flexibility in this regard. A number of people have suggested that tracking enrollment trends over time would be a valuable feature.

Your Ideas

Share your thoughts about enrollment reporting with a comment below. What types of information would be useful or are required for your child-centered business?

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